Your Detailed Guide to Irons for Curling

It’s likely that you don’t give your curling iron much thought.

And by this, we mean that you most likely don’t sit there and consider the material, size, and clamp of it. Until you have to purchase a new one, that is.

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It’s huge, if you haven’t looked through the curling iron aisle in a while! Additionally, you have even more possibilities if you want to purchase online. Therefore, don’t worry if you’re looking to buy a new curling iron and want to make sure you get it correctly. We’ve got the expert hairdresser Dyana Nematalla, who owns the Sirène and Tinte salons in Atlanta, to break it all down for us.

It seems like a good idea to remind you that you should never use a curling iron or any other hot instrument on your hair without first using some sort of heat protectant, though, before we get into the ins and outs of curling irons.

We love Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray because it’s silicone-free and lightweight. If you want to spray your hair just before using a curling iron, this is a perfect alternative. Additionally, we adore JVN’s Whole Blowout Styling Milk. This cream protects against heat and works on all hair types to help you create a smooth blowout.

Curling iron types

Professional Ceramic Curling Iron T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25″

The most basic type of curling iron for at-home hair styling is ceramic. They are simple to use, work well on all hair kinds, and lengths. There are ceramic-coated irons and ceramic plates available; whole ceramic plates are often a better choice because the coating is more prone to chipping and wear. Ceramic is known to release negative ions, which balance out the positive ions present in frizzy hair, and to produce an infrared heat that goes deep into your hair to help seal in moisture and shine. In order to achieve the sleek, flat ends that are now popular for many styles, you can also effortlessly slide the iron out of your hair while it’s still clamped thanks to its smoother surface. Less harm to hair results from all of it.

The Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron from BaBylissPRO

Because titanium is one of the strongest metals known in nature and produces the most heat of any material, it is frequently used with gloves on. For thick hair or hair that is resistant to curls, this makes it a fantastic alternative. Because titanium irons consistently provide heat, professionals frequently use them; nevertheless, at-home users should use caution. Nematalla describes her professional use of titanium: “I love titanium for extremely thick, textured hair, and I use a titanium curling iron when I’m applying a keratin treatment.”

Professional Gold Curling Iron with Hot Tools:

Nematalla claims that the “OG of irons” are gold curling irons. They work best on thick or coarse hair and can withstand extremely high heat for extended periods of time. Gold-plated curling irons are frequently less expensive than other models, but customers who use them at home must be cautious while using the high heat.


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